5 Fashion Trends We Totally Need in the ‘Clueless’ Reboot

“Clueless,” which was basically the sartorial summary of the 90s, is coming back. Will it be as good as the original? Ugh, as if! (We know, way harsh.)

References aside, let’s talk fashion. What would the iconic Cher Horowitz wear if “Clueless” did take place in 2018? Would she be more of a Kylie Jenner or a Zendaya? We know she’d have a lit Instagram page. The 1995 film wasn’t just a cult flick, it was basically a fashion bible to 90s girls. Cher was the OG influencer.

Nineties trends, from plaid to scrunchies, are all back now. Only louder and prouder. So what would Ms. Horowitz’s closet look like today? Here’s a fantasy sneak peek.

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